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In the Summer Gran Stead’s Mellow Ginger Wine and Gran Stead's Fiery Ginger Wine are lovely enjoyed by itself or on ice. They can also be mixed with::

Apple juice, Orange juice, Cranberry juice, Lemonade, Lemonade & Lime, Sparkling Water, Soda Water or Cider

Ratios 50/50 but can be varied to suit personal preference; all can be served on ice.

Knock Down Ginger cocktail recipe

We’ve joined forces with our neighbours, Brighton Gin, to create a brand new cocktail recipe just in time for summer.

Called `Knock Down Ginger’, the amber coloured heady mix includes a good slug of award-winning Brighton Gin, topped up with our own equally award-winning Mellow Ginger Wine with a hint of lime, basil and mint.

“It has been a privilege working with the Brighton Gin team on this project and it is wonderful to create a cocktail that is truly local,” said Chris Knox, who owns and runs Gran Stead’s Ginger Company with his wife Rosemary. “Cram it with ice and it’s a perfect refresher for this hot weather, but I can also see people enjoying this drink in cooler months as the ginger adds a layer of warmth to the mix.”

So, here’s how to make Knock Down Ginger:

Ingredients for one cocktail


Clap the basil and mint leaves in your hands to release the flavours. Then put them in the bottom of a tumbler and fill it to the top with ice. Add the juice of half a lime and 50ml of Brighton Gin. Top up with Gran Stead’s Mellow Ginger Wine to taste and stir. Garnish with a sprig of mint.

Gran Stead’s CocktailSt Clement's Cocktail

75 cl (750 ml) bottle of Gran Stead’s Lemonade with Ginger
300ml unsweetened orange juice
200ml white rum
Half a tray of ice cubes
2 unwaxed oranges, washed
2 unwaxed lemons, washed

1. Slice the oranges and lemons
2. Put ice cubes into a large jug
3. Add half the sliced fruit (retaining the rest for serving)
4. Add all the other drink ingredients
5. Stir to mix
6. Serve in glasses decorated with orange and lemon slices

Top tip
For added pizzazz, add a squeeze of fresh lemon juice to each glass just before serving

Lose the alcohol – but keep the kick!
This recipe works just as well without the gin, as the zing of the ginger ensures it is still a lively little number.

Champagne Ginger

1 Pack Gran Stead’s stem ginger
1 bottle of champagne (chilled)

Drop one or two pieces of stem ginger into a champagne glass, now pour in some finest champagne (or sparkling wine), served chilled with a cocktail cherry to garnish.

Summer Time SpecialSummer Time Special

50ml Pimm’s No1 (or Gin)

Pour into a tall glass on ice then filled up with Gran Stead’s Still Lemonade.

Moscow MuleMoscow Mule

50ml vodka
100ml Gran Stead’s Ginger Wine (Mellow or Fiery)

In a tumbler topped with lemonade and a squeeze of lime.

Ginger Fizzer with Lemon & LimeGinger Fizzer with Lemon & Lime

Half a large bottle of Gran Stead’s Ginger Wine (Mellow or Fiery)
The grated peel of 1 lemon
Juice of 1 lime
3oz granulated sugar
3 dashes of Angostura bitters
½ glass white rum
1 ½ pints of sparkling lemonade (or mineral water)

Mix all the ingredients well in a jug

Add plenty of crushed ice and garnish with lemon and lime peel.