12 x 75cl bottles of Lemonade with Ginger

Gran Stead's lemonade with a zing of gingerWe call this “lemonade with attitude!”

Granny Stead’s know how was the inspiration behind this extremely lemony little number, in which zest and spice mingle somewhat tantalisingly. We’ve taken lots of refreshing Sicilian lemon juice and combined it with just enough ginger to bestow a gentle hum.

It’s lemonade, but not as you know it. You could say it’s a fusion of our two other drinks, Mellow Ginger and Still Lemonade. Just don’t let that kick catch you out!

A versatile drink for all seasons

Serve straight or mix with your favourite tipple.
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What’s in it?

Simply water, Sicilian lemon juice, sugar, ginger and tartaric acid.

Free from artificial preservatives, colours and flavourings.
It’s gluten-free and suitable for vegetarians and vegans. Once opened, it will keep in the fridge for four days.