Gran Stead's Ginger Co.

Gran Stead’s Ginger Co. produces unique non-alcoholic ginger drinks and traditional lemonade with a nostalgic nod to yesteryear. They were inspired by an original recipe created by Gran Stead herself back in the 19th Century.

Gran Stead’s ginger drinks are made at Mile Oak Farm in Sussex by Chris and Rosemary Knox. Just like “Granny” herself, we love ginger and our customers do too. People really appreciate the quality of our handmade products, which are so different from mass produced fizzy beverages.

Non-Alcoholic Ginger Wine and Ginger Drinks

The story of Gran Stead’s Ginger Co. started with Granny’s original Mellow Ginger Wine. That one’s a firm family favourite, just as Granny intended all those years ago. For those who like enough spice to knock their socks off, there’s now Fiery Ginger Wine. Plus two fruity ginger zingers: Lemonade with Ginger and our Blackcurrant with Ginger

Our latest addition, Spiced Ginger Punch, made with a secret blend of exotic spices delivers a wonderfully punchy hit of ginger delight. 

Traditional Lemonade

And the odd one out, because it contains no ginger at all (it’s jolly good though!). That’s our traditional Still Lemonade. Try it – it’s extremely lemony and will whisk you off down memory lane from the first sip.

Enjoy our drinks,
Chris and Rosemary Knox